Automated best price energy switching with Switchd

The only automated energy switching company who keep you on the absolute best deal forever.

Switchd have an algorithm which checks the entire energy market every day and whenever a better deal pops up, they automatically switch you to that deal. Switchd is here to make your life easier. Unlike free auto-switchers and comparison sites, they don’t take a commission from energy companies. This means that they’ll find you the very best deal available, not just the one that pays them the most.

They switch thousands of customers every year, comparing and switching to over 60 suppliers. When you sign up, you can personalise your switching preferences, from blocking out specific suppliers to electing to only switch to green tariffs. In fact, 30% of Switchd switches move someone onto a green tariff, helping members save the world whilst they save their wallet.

Switchd have a dedicated customer service team based in the UK, providing support for their customers over email, WhatsApp and the phone. Their product and customer service has earned them a 4.4 / 5 rating on the trusted review site, Trustpilot.

Switchd members save an average £400 per year. Check how much you could save too!

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