Agreements Module

 Managing agreements is often a complex and time-intensive task. However, the Agreements Management module of PropertyPortal CRM simplifies this process. It ensures that tracking sales and letting agreements becomes straightforward once a property deal is concluded. This module serves as your agency's single source of truth, providing efficiency, transparency, and automated commission calculations.

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A Single Source of Truth for Agreements

Envision a system where all your sales and rental agreements are stored in one central hub, available at any time and from any location. The Agreements Management module of PropertyPortal CRM acts as that central hub. It brings together all essential documents from the involved parties, forming an integrated and well-organized archive. 

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Tracking Every Stage of the Agreement Cycle

Our CRM allows you to monitor the status of each agreement throughout every phase of the cycle. From the instant a deal is sealed to the ultimate signatures, our system guarantees that you're constantly updated. Say goodbye to uncertainty about your agreements' progress or sifting through piles of paperwork.

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Automated Commission Calculation

For real estate agencies, calculating commissions can be a complex task. However, our CRM simplifies this process. Our system automatically manages commission calculations, which saves time and minimizes errors. Additionally, the commission calculation is fully customizable, enabling agency management to tailor it according to their unique policies.

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Configurable Commission Calculations

Each real estate agency has its own approach to commission structures. PropertyPortal CRM acknowledges this and provides total flexibility. You have the ability to tailor commission calculations to align with your agency's specific policies, guaranteeing precise and equitable compensation for your agents. The Agreements Management module of our CRM is designed to streamline the intricate realm of real estate agreements. It acts as a unified storage for all documents, monitors the status of agreements at each phase, and facilitates adaptable commission calculations. We ensure comprehensive support.

Discover the next level of real estate agreements management with us, where precision and efficiency are paramount.

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