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If you're a real estate agent eager to boost your productivity and seize every opportunity, PropertyPortal's EPIC Agent CRM is your ideal solution. Our CRM module is crafted to optimize your workflow, enabling you to concentrate on your strengths—finalizing deals and nurturing client relationships. 

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Automation Tailored to Your Needs

PropertyPortal's integrated CRM acts as your personal assistant, streamlining the administrative tasks that consume your precious time. Our innovative two-way Property/Customer matchmaking feature revolutionizes the process. The CRM intuitively recommends properties that align with your customer's specifications, guaranteeing that you only present properties that meet their requirements.

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Effortless Appointment Setting

Arranging appointments is now more straightforward than ever. The PropertyPortal CRM handles the bulk of the work, from recommending properties to organizing your schedule. Thanks to the seamless synchronization of calendars, coordinating with clients is a breeze, ensuring you're always accessible when required. Moreover, you can easily involve colleagues to assist in sealing that crucial deal if necessary.

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Stay on Top of Your Opportunities

Our CRM enables you to monitor your sales funnel at each stage. From the onset of lead generation to the finalization of deals, you can effortlessly track the advancement of your prospects. Bid farewell to overlooked opportunities and welcome a transparent, structured pipeline that ensures you stay on course.

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Effective Communication

Effective communication is vital in real estate, and PropertyPortal's CRM provides you with robust tools for success. With the ability to send SMS reminders for property viewings, your clients will never miss a showing. The seamless in-app WhatsApp integration ensures direct and convenient communication, while the MailChimp integration enables you to dispatch professional mailshots with ease, keeping your clients well-informed and engaged.

Our CRM serves as your strategic advantage in the competitive real estate market. Equipped with features for automation, intelligent matching, appointment coordination, and comprehensive communication tools, you're empowered to deliver exceptional service to your clients and enhance your productivity. Elevate your real estate business with our EPIC Agent CRM.

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