Listing Management

In real estate, the management of listings is crucial for success. The Listings Management module of PropertyPortal's EPIC CRM elevates your property listings. This extensive module encompasses all aspects of property-related matters and more, guaranteeing that your listings are effectively managed and enhanced for the greatest impact.

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Integrating AI for Automated Property Descriptions

Crafting compelling property descriptions is a significant challenge for real estate agents. However, with PropertyPortal's CRM, this concern is a thing of the past. The integrated AI within the app automatically produces engaging property descriptions, saving time and making sure your listings are distinctive. 

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Streamlined Approval Workflow

Our Listings Management module provides a customizable approval workflow for listings, offering management peace of mind. Whether adding new properties or updating existing ones, you can implement a streamlined process tailored to your agency's requirements, guaranteeing quality control and uniformity. 

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Precision Searching Made Easy

Finding properties that align with your clients' precise needs has become incredibly straightforward. PropertyPortal's CRM provides a robust and detailed search function, allowing agents to swiftly identify properties, catering to even the most specific client requirements. 

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Efficient Property Key Management

The Listings Module is not just for listing properties; it's a comprehensive management tool. Agents can swiftly locate and reserve property keys, and office managers have the ability to monitor key holders. This level of accountability guarantees that keys are managed properly, thereby reducing the inconvenience of misplaced keys. The integrated CRM attends to the finer details. Should an agent neglect to return a property key, the system automatically issues reminders, thus avoiding any operational hiccups and maintaining a smooth workflow.

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Simplify Off-Plan Unit Listings

Our Listings Module simplifies the process of listing off-plan units for major property development projects. It enables you to seamlessly present these properties to prospective buyers, drawing in investors and keeping your agency ahead in the competitive market.

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Track Agent Performance

Management can easily track agent performance by monitoring key metrics such as the number of new listings, scheduled viewings, and other significant indicators. This data-driven strategy enables informed decision-making that can propel your agency towards greater success.

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Global Property Propagation

PropertyPortal's CRM turns global property outreach into a tangible reality. The Listings Module enables the distribution of your properties to numerous property portals across the globe, encompassing markets in the UAE, the UK, and Europe. The Listings Management module within our CRM serves as a comprehensive solution for enhancing property listings and simplifying the listing procedure. With features like automated descriptions, approval workflows, sophisticated search tools, and worldwide property distribution, we provide full support.

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Free upload to Aggregators

To increase traffic to your listings, we offer complimentary uploads to some of the world's leading aggregator websites. Our partners include Mitula, Trovit, Lifull, Newsnow, and others.

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